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How long can my retreat be?

It’s not so much a matter of how long CAN your retreat can be as it SHOULD be, and that all depends on how much time you and your guests can spend in this lovely city.  If you and your guests are coming from outside India, we recommend at least 7 days. Chances are your guests will be spending a few pennies on international flights, and you want it to be worth their while. However, if you are pairing this retreat with a retreat in another city (more on that later), you can spend as few as 4 to 5 days here and still truly immerse yourself in the Golden Temple and the culture of Punjab.

If you want a longer immersion for your practice, or even a Yoga Teacher Training in Amritsar, you can certainly hold longer retreats. Email us and we can send you a chart for figures on guest pricing and teacher earnings for shorter or longer retreats.

How many guests can I bring?

There is a minimum of 6 guests required to run a retreat (although we can certainly help you plan a trip with fewer than 6—we’re easy like that).

The maximum depends on your and your wishes. We have found that 12-14 guests is the sweet spot for ease of group interaction and for retaining a sense of intimacy. However, we can work with you to plan the perfect retreat with your optimal number of guests, as the on-site accommodation can house 22 guests.

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