Wagah Border Ceremony

One of your evenings, you can attend the nightly border closing between India and Pakistan, a 45 minute drive away from Amritsar. This festive event has taken place nightly since 1959 and marks the daily closing of the Wagah border. A lively celebration, it is not unlike a high school pep rally, although with considerably more pomp and circumstance (and military presence, of course!)  It’s a fascinating show, quite literally with a song and a dance, and our guests universally find it an enthralling experience.

As the sun sets, the iron gates at the border are opened and the two flags are lowered simultaneously–neither flag can be even a millimeter below the other. The flags are then folded, and the ceremony ends with a retreat that involves a brusque handshake between soldiers from either side, followed by the closing of the gates again until tomorrow morning.